Anna Mazzi -17/06/15 - 01:11
Mazzi Caffè is our brand, whose plantation  is located at Fazenda New World established between Bom Sucesso in Ibitiruna  in southern Minas Gerais, dominant region in coffee production in Brazil.
The Arabica coffee is a superior species, requires greater care in its cultivation and produces a more refined coffee, so Mazzi Santomauro family chose to grow a few plants and investing in quality.
Although the company is new, we produce Arabica coffee for over 19 years, and today form a blend (composition of different grains) of specialty coffees, which form a Gourmet Coffee international classification that is the great advantage of our quality arabica coffee that form a drink with the key attributes of a specialty coffee: soft drink, full-bodied, intense aroma and flavor, sweetness and balanced acidity.
At harvest time, we opted for selective by discarding the damaged kernels, black and green with drying suspended terraces.
We have packages with desgaseificating valve and apply nitrogen to preserve the integrity of the coffee beans.
Packaging for ground coffee in vacuum to 500 grams and 250 grams, and packaging roasted coffee beans 250 g, 500 g and